Bien Quynh Food is proud to be the exclusive supplier of some major suppliers. Because, we have the same goal of bringing customers the best raw material products from Japan and the world.

  • Salmon products

    At Bien Quynh Food we develop close relationships with the largest salmon suppliers in the world such as Salmar, Leroy and Cermaq. We are able to distribute frozen and fresh salmon in various specifications and forms.

  • Fishery products

    Demand for imported fresh seafood from abroad increased sharply due to the shortage from domestic mining. The close linkage between Bien Quynh Food and fresh seafood suppliers from Japan and around the world has given us an edge in this area in Vietnam.

Standard supplier

At Bien Quynh Food, consumers’ health is our top concern. Therefore, food safety and hygiene standards are the standards Nakayama Foods is most interested in when selecting suppliers. Nakayama Foods wishes to become a bridge between suppliers to consumers, with the goal of bringing maximum benefits to both sides.

For consumers, Nakayama Foods wishes to ensure absolute health for consumers. As a result, all Nakayama Foods suppliers have food safety and hygiene certifications recognized by the competent authorities.

For suppliers, with their extensive distribution system and market knowledge as well as import and export paper procedures in Vietnam. Nakayama Foods will be a bridge for suppliers to bring their products to consumers. Nakayama Foods can carry out import and export procedures and product announcements, ensuring the goods are legally circulated on the Vietnamese market.

Bien Quynh Food looks forward to establishing a long-term and sustainable relationship with our suppliers. We look forward to developing together with suppliers, with the desire to bring mutual benefits to both parties. Here are three Nakayama Foods standards when choosing a supplier:

– Hygiene and food safety

– Stable supply and quality of products

– The optimal price for customers, towards the sustainable development